What is LacrosseFLIX?

LacrosseFLIX is a digital marketing agency that supports lacrosse pros, programs, and companies build and scale their brands.

As the platform grows the community will grow, this will potentially lead to more and more people being introduced to the platform making it more and more lucrative for our collaborators. 

The internet is global and LacrosseFLIX will help collaborators 10X their reach and be a bigger impact in the world of lacrosse.


Get Access to the largest online lacrosse academy on the planet!

We are proud partners and collaborators with Jamie Munro at JM3 Sports. We work with JM3 Sports to build incredible educational content you can access anytime and anyplace!

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LacrosseFLIX and John Hogarth: I'm grateful for having met John in the fall of 2018.  John is a digital marketing whiz and had the idea of doing a Virtual Lacrosse Summit.  The Summit has been one of the great endeavors of my career.  I have engaged with and learned from so many coaches while building the deepest content treasure trove on the internet.  John is always ready to help, is a hard worker, and is always on board!


Build your brand the right way.

It is very exciting to build a brand online but it is also very daunting. We have spent the last 5 years investing in tools and knowledge to help build and scale brands quickly. Let's chat, what do you have to lose?

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